Who is Yuji?

Yuji learned his culinary skills in Japan the traditional "Kohai" or gofer, and  "Senpai" or master way.  After finishing high school and training at a culinary school he started working for a restaurant called OSU in Yokohama where he was the gofer.  For over a year he washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen and fetched things for the experienced chefs.  Eventually he was allowed to use a knife and help with the food preparation.  After 4 years he was recognised as a chef and allowed to prepare food for customers. 

At this point Yuji decided he wanted to try something different and started working for a French restaurant.  His two years learning and cooking French food still influences some of his menu creations to this day. 

Yuji dreamt of going to France to work but was approached by OSU which had plans to open a restaurant in Vancouver.  In 1989, after honing his skills as a Sushi Chef again, Yuji came to Vancouver. 

Over the years Yuji has worked at several high profile restaurants in Vancouver including Shiro, Shijo and Bistro Sakana before opening his first restaurant.  Yuji's Japanese Tapas opened in 2004 and for 7 years was a popular place for foodies to get their Japanese food fix.  Although Yuji's had had a good run it was sold in 2011 with Yuji headhunted  to open a restaurant in Jakarta. 

After a year in Indonesia, Yuji returned to Vancouver with the plan to open a smaller location where he could have better interactions with his customers.   The timing couldn't have been better.  In discussing his plans with Adam and Lucais of La Querchia it turned out that La Ghianda, the deli they were operating was taking too much of their time and the space was offered  to Yuji.  Adam and Lucais are also excited they will be able to eat Yuji's creations once again. 

" I would like to introduce you to Yuji.  On my day off, Yuji's is where you will often find me tasting his latest creations. "       -Adam from La quercia

"It is great to have Yuji back!  I have really missed his food."                 
    - Lucais from Chinara

Yuji's from Japan


2083 Alma St. Vancouver, BC

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Hours of Operation

Tuesd Tuesday to Saturday 17:00~21:00  ​​                                                        (last call)